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3D children backpack animal
create a colorful childhood every little girl has a princess dream, want a beautiful backpack, allowing them to act as their own dreams. The backpack is the best gift for your little princess. It is not only high quality and super cute design, very comfortable, no sweat
shoulder strap carrying system is filled and airy, this bag rear panel has the same function. In addition, the shoulder strap can be adjusted to suit your young one height / perimeter. Specifications: Material: neoprene. Ages: 2-6 years old
Application: Design family, school, travel, go to the zoo and other outdoor activities are available: Butterfly / Mermaid Warranty: 3 months Package includes: a description of these animals Children backpack backpack not suitable for A4 paper, or you need to bend it a little bit to adapt. Please allow a slight dimensional error due to manual measurement.